Kylie Hamlin-Filkins, B.S.


Kylie Hamlin-Filkins joins the AFK team with 15 years of outdoor education experience and a lifelong passion for the natural world.

She completed a BSFR from UGA with an emphasis in environmental education, after which she gained experience working as a 4-H Extension agent in McDuffie County and Environmental Educator in coastal GA. 

Homesteading and motherhood became her focus after her children, Matilda and Silas, were born. In addition to her kids, she also raised layer hens and fresh fruits and vegetables on 8 acres in Madison county. She was a founding member of the Ladies Homestead Gathering Athens chapter, which is a national organization dedicated to empowering women through homesteading. 

As her daughter grew, she became involved with School of the Greenwood’s youth rewilding camps and Kylie helps lead their seasonal programs for children ages 4-13.