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Robin Rickli


Robin Rickli is an anthropologist and educator who has worked in experiential education for most of her adult life. For many years, Robin worked with young children creating multicultural programs and contexts for exploration and creativity. She believes a child's imagination and personal creativity to be some of the most powerful tools for exploring natural surroundings.

She is familiar with Reggio Emilia-inspired teaching, and also has experience with Rudolph Steiner's Waldorf Method, using narrative, verse and song to emphasize natural cycles and hands on activities.

When Robin is not thinking up things to do outside, she teaches anthropology, studies the roots of language and song, non-vocal communication in lemurs, and explores the therapeutic benefits of natural environments. She is passionate about integrative conservation and is devoted to her human family, Eli, Ash, Desi, and grandchildren, Rio and Seshata.