Forest Kindergarten Program

Our flagship program is a forest kindergarten program for children aged 3-6. Families enroll in a year-long inquiry-based educational experience. We emphasize social-emotional learning over didactic teaching of academic or wilderness skills. We encourage developmentally-appropriate exploration so that children can experience risk, challenge, success, uncertainty, self-efficacy, and more! Our 2019-2020 forest kindergarten program is for approximately 12-14 students who meet at Sandy Creek Park two mornings per week (Tuesdays & Thursdays).  With 3-4 adults present, we utilize flexible grouping as needed throughout the day and from week to week. We are a cooperative that thrives on parent volunteers, including weekly Forest-Helpers. This program provides approximately a 1:4 adult-child ratio.  Click here to learn more.


AFK Playgroup

AFK Playgroup is our offering to Athens to get a taste of the forest kindergarten experience! It’s a lower cost option, where you can drop-in as desired and bring the whole family. We meet at a variety of parks, gardens, and farms in the area where an AFK Educator will facilitate an opening circle, a snack break with a story or invitation, and a closing circle. Parents are encouraged to be "guides on the side" as the children make meaning and form connections with nature and each other. AFK Playgroup is designed for children aged 2-7; other siblings are welcome upon approval. We consider participants of any of our programs to be part of the AFK Community and invite all to potlucks, family hikes, and other events.  Click here to learn more.